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Diveaway Fiji

Diveaway Staff in FijiDiveaway Fiji operates from the beautiful Coral Coast of Viti Levu, Fiji's main island. Our boats run out from our bases at the Fiji Hideaway Resort and Spa and Mango Bay Resorts; we have diveshops at the Outrigger on the Lagoon and the Beachouse as well as being the dive op of choice for many of the boutique resorts and backpackers dotted along the Coral Coast.

As a small, friendly dive operation, we enjoy sharing our beautiful dive sites with divers from complete beginners through to the very experienced.

Dive groups are deliberately kept small and as there are no other operators on our dive sites there is never a crowd underwater to spoil your view - see fish not bubbles!  Since we started diving here in 2003 we have discovered many great dive sites and a host of amazing marine life.


We have a variety of sites from dramatic wall dives and coral covered reef slopes to adrenalin buzzing drift dives.

Frequent encounters with turtles, sharks, eagle rays, barracudas and of course all those other fantastic tropical reef fish.

Soft and hard coral grows prolifically and magnificent gorgonian fans host multicoloured crinoids and longnosed hawkfish - a photographers delight!

We are very lucky to have incredibly Lionfish2_Sundanceeasy access to all our dive sites.  At Taqage the furthest away is 10 minutes by boat and the closest has been recorded at 19 seconds!

This enables us to offer the deeply civilised option of a morning two tank dive returning to the Fiji Hideaway Resort and Spa between the dives for a restoring cup of tea or even a hint of breakfast.

We are also usually back from the second dive by 11.30, giving you the rest of the day to do all those relaxing holiday things that you can’t do bobbing around on a boat.

Sundance divesite at Mango Bay, FijiFrom Mango Bay the boat zooms straight off from the beach in front of the dive shop, again to divesites dotted along the Coast a short boat ride away. Here too we usually return to the resort between dives

We dive Monday to Saturday, usually 2 or 3 dives a day, with night dives on request

Diveaway is on Facebook!

We have finally made the jump!

We are now officially on Facebook.

Come on over to one of our 2 Pages (either the Diveaway Fiji one, or our special Page for the Mango and Beachouse Mad Crowd!)

Fiji Shark Conservation and Awareness Project. 2009

Fiji Shark Conservation and Awareness Project The International Year of the Shark 2009 was inspired by the finding that at the current rate, common shark species will be extinct in 10 to 15 years.

In large regions, species that were once numerous have fallen to 1% of their original numbers. Studies of open ocean sharks estimate 80 to 90% of heavily fished species are gone. Yet these intelligent animals, also called the “Wolves of the Sea” are still fished intensively, and finned for “shark fin soup.” The oceans have evolved over hundreds of millions of years with sharks as apex predators, so their loss will destroy oceanic health.

PADI e-Learning

PADI's eLearning system is an innovative new program designed to make your PADI diving course with Diveaway training easier, more efficient and saves you valuable Fiji vacation time.PADI eLearning

Designed for the busy diver, the Diveaway PADI eLearning system provides interactive scuba diver education on the Internet. Accessible so far in English language only from any on-line computer anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day and supported by Diveaway's professional  PADI instructors with immediate feedback by email to support you with guidance and help about the topic you are studying.

Virtual modeling simulations and video clips makes your Diveaway Fiji PADI scuba diving course knowledge development a "walk in the park" and it's controlled by your personal pace only!


Hawksbill Turtle at Razorback dive site in FijiWhen we started diving from Mango Bay we immediately discovered some great dive sites. Virtually the first dive we did was Razorback, straight out from Namatakula channel on the corner of the main reef.

This dive site is a long ridge that runs out to sea at right angles to the main reef. The ridge is narrow with big dropoffs on either side, starting at around 18 metres by the main reef and sloping down and away until it disappears into the deep blue.


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Diveaway Blog

A blog by Alex and Alice Hill of Diveaway Fiji : a PADI dive centre based at the award winning Hideaway Resort, Outrigger on the Lagoon, Mango Bay, Beachouse and Tabua Sands Resort on the Coral Coast of the Fiji Islands.